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Under / Over Arousal In Dogs Seminar 1 October, 6:30-9:30pm

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NOTE - This is part of a full weekend of HTM activities. For full details of all the activities please follow the links 

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Seminar - Over and Under Arousal in Dogs - Saturday 1st October 2022, 6:30-9:30pm

Where - Near Rayleigh, Essex

When - 1 October, 6:30-9:30pm 

Price - £45 (Early Bird Price £35) For the Early Bird Discount please use coupon code - EARLYBIRDSEMINAR  (Note - this discount runs out on the 9th September) (If you already compete in HTM or if you are a professional pet dog trainer there is a further discount for this event as we REALLY want to help you. Please email Christina for the code - [email protected] )

Taught by - Christina Oxtoby

Who is this for? - Professional Dog Trainers /  Dog Sport Competitors with particular reference to HTM but also referencing agility and obedience / Anyone interested in understanding training and behaviour layers 

This seminar is designed to help anyone - 

  • Competing in a dog sport who feels they've hit problems (especially focusing on Heelwork-to-Music but also looking at Competitive Obedience and Agility)
  • Pet Dog Trainers / Behaviourists who feel that there is a missing link between reward based training to teach dogs, and 'real life' where we perhaps don't want to be waving treats under their noses every 2 minutes. 
  • Anyone wanting in-depth knowledge about layers of dog behaviour and training presented in a practical and useable way, but with a lot of background theory and understanding. 

Amongst many other things this seminar will be answering the following questions - 

  • My dog is great in training, why won't they do it in competition?
  • How can I teach my dog with food and toys, but then get them to work without them?
  • (From agility to competitive obedience to HTM) Why are spinning, barking, biting, breaking stays and start-line waits, missing contacts, wandering off, not listening, sniffing the ground and disengaging, leaving the ring and getting distracted all different symptoms of the same training problems?
  • Why do some dog sport handlers reach the top with multiple dogs over and over again?
  • (For Pet Dog Trainers / Behaviourists) What does any of this have to do with teaching pet dogs and their families - is there a higher level of training and understanding that I need to add in to coaching my students? How can this knowledge be taken and adapted to pet dogs?

We'll be looking at - 

  • What is the Training & Behaviour Scale that Christina uses? 
  • Why you should teach an 'off switch' first
  • What does 'attitude is everything' mean, and how do we get it right?
  • How do we get our dogs to CHOOSE to work with us, with no food or toys on us and without us having to ask?
  • How (and how not!) to do training rounds
  • What is the Foundation of Calm and why is it the bedrock to stable high drive dogs?
  • What happens when you miss out stages? (Including knowing you've skipped stages that there aren't time to solve, your dog is in the main arena of Crufts and looses the plot over the sticky tape on the floor - yes that happened!) 
  • Understanding the true power of Life Rewards and how to get them to work for and not against you
  • Why dogs that have gone through this training & behaviour system are happier, more engaged, have more fun and are more stable - needs met, with a wholistic understanding of dogs
  • Understanding breeds and genetics
  • Why we're selling reward-based training short if it's just about 'being nice'
  • Where the idea of always ending training on a positive came from... and why it's wrong! 
  • Why only getting pet dogs to be 'calm' creates behaviour as well as training problems, as well as looking at the practical issues of teaching their families this. 

Yes, it's a lot - we'll be packing in as much as we possibly can... come with pen, paper and a lot of questions! 

About Christina - Over 20 years ago Christina's background and training was as a pet dog trainer and she was amongst the first group of trainers in the UK to really grasp how important stress-free training was. Then she started competing in Heelwork-to-Music with her first (wonderful, delightful and lovely - yes I am biased but he taught me so much!) Great Dane and very quickly hit problems in competition being stuck in 'novice' with a dog that worked beautifully at home... but disengaged in competition.

She was fortunate enough to start training with Competitive Obedience and Dog Sports Coach, Jo Hill, and over the next 16 years, 8 of her own dogs, thousands of pet dog clients, a working competition knowledge of competitive obedience and agility, and 2 Crufts HTM Freestyle Finals, 2 Crufts HTM Heelwork Finals, and 2 HTM Freestyle European Championships later she has learnt a lot, especially with having complimentary knowledge from both ends of the calm / high drive spectrum. 

Note - We won't be using your dogs in this seminar as there simply won't be time (if you'd like a practical day in the future that could be arranged.) If you're there with dogs anyway they will be welcome to settle quietly in the hall and Christina will use her dogs as demos. 

Anything else? - If you are a dog trainer (or training to be) this seminar fits very well with the Dog Sport Precision For Pet Dog Trainers workshop. (If you book both this seminar AND that workshop let us know before you book and we can give you a discount - [email protected] )

Event Dogs refund policy – If you cancel your booking with more than 4 calendar months to go before the event / training session you are entitled to a full refund minus a £10 admin fee. If you cancel with more than 2 calendar months to go you are entitled to a 50% refund minus a £10 admin fee. With less than 2 calendar months to go before your booked event / training session we are sorry but we are unable to offer you a refund, however you are welcome to pass your place on to someone else (we only ask that if it's a handler place their dog is suitable for the event / training session that you have booked.) We do sometimes have waiting lists for events so if you know that you will be unable to attend an event please contact us as soon as possible and if we can help we will.