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Hockley Bronze 9:30am 11th June

Event Dogs Bronze Award, 11th June 9:30am at Hockley

This class is open to all dogs who have completed the Event Dogs Puppy / Beginner Course. (If you have done a puppy or beginner course elsewhere please contact us to see if this course is suitable for you.) 

You are now able to book and pay for individual bronze training sessions. To book and pay for this lesson please click the box to the side.

Please note that this new booking system means that certain lessons may possibly fill sooner than others meaning that if you are later to book onto this, you may find that you can book some lessons and not others because some may be full (individual lessons are first come, first served.) 

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About The Event Dogs Bronze Award

The Event Dogs Bronze Award follows on from the puppy and pet dog foundation courses as we continue to work on motivation, teamwork and engagement. We continue clicker training (either with a clicker or a marker word,) and help you understand more fully how to help your dog think for themselves during their training, whilst coming up with the solutions you would like them to! We also work on training dogs without food in our hands so that they are not lured (unless learning a brand new training exercise,) or bribed, and instead choose to trust and work with you knowing that they will still be rewarded for the right behaviour.

The course incorporates exercises taken from - 

- Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme (pet dog training)

- Competitive Obedience

- Introduction to Agility (with exercises that can be practiced at home)

- Rally

- HTM Freestyle

- HTM Heelwork

It mixes these with other exercises to teach dogs to pay attention in a wide variety of circumstances, including everyday life situations. It's amazing how many dogs are very quickly bored with sit stays but really start to pay attention again when you throw in the odd twirl here and there! The classes also recognise the social side of dog training for both dogs and owners and are designed to be fun. 

A Taster of Dog Sports

By the time dogs complete the Event Dogs Gold award dogs are ready to start competing (if you'd like them to!) in competitive obedience and rally, and to have the moves to put together beginner routines in HTM Heelwork and HTM Freestyle. Dogs and handlers will also have the skills to thoroughly handle beginner agility courses and you then just need to teach the dogs individual pieces of agility equipment.