Dog Training & Behaviour Workshops and Events

Event Dogs specialises in In-Person Workshops and (from 2023) On-Line Courses. 

In-Person locations are - Rayleigh (Essex,) Cambridge, Peterborough, Lincolnshire (near Sleaford and Stamford.)

Workshops for - 

  • PRO - Dog trainers / behaviourists (this will eventually include full teaching, workshops, coaching, encouragement and support)
  • PET - Pet dog people wanting to have fun with their dog, try new activities and learn more about them
  • HTMAnyone interested HTM / Freestyle (including teaching, workshops and shows) 

Training Levels (to help you choose the right workshop for you, if in doubt feel free to ask)

Beginner - little or no training, usually needing to learn loose lead walking, coming when called, stays, listening to you (or has behavioural issues that are covered in that specific workshop)

Intermediate - Past the beginner stage, has basic training, currently about KC Bronze or Silver level

Advanced - KC Gold standard or currently competing in a dog sport

Professional - Either a professional dog trainer, or currently training to be one

Please note - Event Dogs no longer offers pet dog classes, behavioural consultations (although some behavioural issues are covered in our workshops,) or private lessons. 

Diary Dates 2022

Please follow links for details -   
PET / PRO - 13 August - CAMBRIDGE - Just Mooching (for ‘Reactive’ Dogs) Spectator (Dog Behaviour - For Pet Dogs / Dog Professionals) (HANDLER PLACES - FULL / SPECTATOR PLACES - AVAILABLE)
HTM - 20 August - CAMBRIDGE - HTM / Canine Freestyle Choreography with Lucy Creek and Christina Oxtoby (Heelwork-to-Music - all welcome) (PLACES AVAILABLE)
PET - 3-4 September - ESSEX - Activity Weekend (Freestyle, Parkour, Mantrailing, Gun Dog - with Christina Oxtoby and Gun Dog Trainer Gemma Mogridge) (Intermediate / Advanced standard) (A FEW PLACES AVAILABLE)
PET - 8 Sept AM - LINCS - Beginner Mantrailing (PLACES AVAILABLE)
PET - 13 Sept PM - LINCS - Beginner Mantrailing (PLACES AVAILABLE)
PET - 22 Sept AM - LINCS - Beginner Mantrailing (PLACES AVAILABLE)
PET - 27 Sept PM - LINCS - Beginner Mantrailing (PLACES AVAILABLE)

PET - 30 September PM - ESSEX - Beginner Mantrailing afternoon (PLACES AVAILABLE)

PET - 30 September PM - ESSEX - Beginner Mantrailing evening (FULL)
HTM - 1-2 October - ESSEX - Complete Heelwork-to-Music Weekend with Discount (PLACES AVAILABLE)

HTM - 1 October - ESSEX - HTM Training Show (HTM Competition, or nearly Competition standard) (PLACES AVAILABLE)
HTM / PRO - 1 October PM - ESSEX - Under / Over Arousal In Dogs, (both Sports Dogs and Pet Dogs) (For Dog Trainers / Trainee Trainers / Sports Dog People / All HTM People) (PLACES AVAILABLE)
HTM - 2 October - ESSEX - HTM Workshop (HTM Competition, or nearly Competition standard) (PLACES AVAILABLE)
PRO / PET - 15-16 October - PETERBOROUGH - Rearranged Dog Activity Weekend (1 PLACE NOW AVAILABLE) 
More coming nearer the time...