1-2-1 Training and Behaviour

Because Christina's 1-2-1 clients cover such a large geographical area, both online and in-person, we try to tailor our help to your individual needs. 

Due to time constraints Christina is no longer able to offer home visits (except in very exceptional circumstances.) 

These sessions are not available for booking without first having contacted Christina to see if she has the time (or is in the right geographical area) to be able to give you enough support to be able to help you.

Please note that behavioural problems, especially those involving aggression, can only dealt with via a behavioural consultation. (We do have workshops for some common behavioural problems, for example barking and lunging on the lead - please see our courses page for further details.) 

Private lessons are suitable for all types of training (from basic training to Heelwork-to-Music) as well as behavioural follow-up sessions (we usually recommend 30 minute sessions for these.) 


- 1 hour lesson in person - £45 

- 30 min follow-up session - £25

- 1 hour zoom lesson - £40

- 30 min follow-up zoom session - £20

- Behavioural Consultation (Approx 2 hour zoom consultation, followed by a 1 hour in-person session - very limited availability) - £115

For full details please contact Christina - [email protected]